Steel products size range and sections

 daniel steel co

Daniel Steel Co. buy, sell, import and export varied range of alloy steels. The regular range of alloy steel products available by Daniel Steel is but not limited to following Items. We keep regular stock of 20.000 MT which may vary from below specification. Do not hesitate to contact us if your required material is not indicated below or if you need more information. 

We supply ex-stock alloy steel sections as here under:

Steel Sections and sizes:

Round bars:

From 10 to 1500 mm in length up to 6 meters in proportion to the size of the product.

Slab and quadrilateral:

From 60 to 600 widths from 100 to 1550 in length up to 6 meters proportional to the size of the product.


Size up to 250 mm in length up to 6 meters


ُSize up to 450 mm in length up to 6 meters

Rounded stepping stages:

From 40 to 450 mm and in length up to 6 meters in proportion to the size of the product.

Pipes & Tubes:

Inner diameter of 80 mm to 130 mm and an outer diameter of 170mm to 1550 mm up to 9 meters in length


Available Product Groups:

Cold working tool steels
Hot working tool steels
Springs steels
Plastic mold steels
Stainless steels
Heat-treatable steels
Nitriding steels
Bearing steels
Machinery steel

Products warranty:

All goods are provided with the guarantee of manufacturing mills and certificates of chemical elements and mechanical properties.

Cutting facilities:

According to customer's order, up to 1500 mm cross-section cutting is carried out at the warehouse of Daniel Steel Co.


The goods are all Ex-stock, Tehran's warehouse however at customer's location is possible based on agreement.